ZUBA Diving

Do you have kids that "love" the water and want to dive?

A spouse that snorkels and wants to stay below?

Maybe you've been looking for a safer way to "Experience Diving"  hassle free?

Snorkelers are you looking for a better experience?

Then ZUBA Diving is for you!!!

What is ZUBA Diving: Free diving + Scuba Diving. It feels like free diving (snorkeling) but the air supplied from the surface feeds the regulators, a buoyancy compensator (BCD), and even a drysuit (if needed). Zuba diving has all the safety of Scuba Diving without the heavy tank on your back. You can have the best of both worlds - Scuba diving and Snorkeling. Become a certified ZUBA Diver TODAY!

ZUBA Diving is "surface supplied air" diving. The diver has the advantage of descending below the surface and experiencing the wonders of the underwater world, without the heavy tank on their back or the restrictions of snorkeling (having to remain on the surface).

ZUBA is freedom underwater!!!

ZUBA Diving offers a fun and exciting way to experience the underwater world. We offer a Supervised Open Water Diver program for ages 10 and up and a Pool/Confined Water program for ages 7 and up to safely allow divers to experience the underwater without the risk of getting lost (separation), decompression illness, and without the weight of regular scuba tanks. We also have a Full Open Water Certification for adults and a Junior Open Water Certification for ages 10 and up that would like to ZUBA Dive with the supervision of an instructor.

ZUBA Diving feels like free diving (snorkeling), it includes all the safety aspects of scuba diving when in the open water. You are supplied with air from the surface to breathe, you wear a buoyancy system (BCD) that is powered by the surface supply air and will allow you to attain neutral buoyancy and to float on the surface when needed, you are capable of wearing an exposure suit, wetsuit or dry suit, that is appropriate for the environment and you will need a weight belt to sink your exposure suit. Most importantly the ZUBA system includes a primary and secondary regulator to ensure that you have a redundant air source and can provide assistance to an out of air diver, similar to that of traditional scuba. It combines the best of both worlds, Scuba & Snorkeling.

The Bonus: All the skills, techniques, safety procedures, and equipment are consistent, interchangeable, and fully upgrade-able to full recreational SCUBA diving and even cave/wreck/technical diving.

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UTD Video Blog: Marine Science Kids Camp Wrap up

A video blog focused on discussing one of UTD's programs called Marine Science Kids Camp. (http://www.marinesciencecamp.com) The fun blog shows some footage ...
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Paddle Dive Sunday

An fun album from Paddle Diving on August 11, 2013. We pretty enjoy SUP paddle boarding, snorkeling, ZUBA, and some side mount diving from the Paddle Boards.
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ZUBA Featured in a Chinese Magazine

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How do you track gas on ZUBA?

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In UTD, our primary method of tracking gas is by relating time and pressure. In other words how long we have being underwater, we can have a general idea of how much gas we used, We can double check…Continue

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ZUBA Diving Features and Benefits

ZUBA (Z-Floating Underwater Breathing Apparatus)

  • True Freedom Underwater
  • Surface Supplied Scuba Diving System
  • Feels like extended range "Free Diving"  (Snorkeling)
  • No Experience Necessary to become certified
  • ZUBA is designed for open water and pool activities.
  • Experience, Confined, Jr Open Water and Open Water Certifications are available.
  • Z-Float maintains heavy cylinders on surface.
    • Shaped like a Zodiac for easy towing while swimming
    • Easy to carry by hand or on your back for beach diving
    • Independent Z-Float systems in the OW - 1 per adult diver
    • Teenagers (10-16 yrs old) are tethered to parents Z-Float for additional safety in the open water
    • Children (6-10 yrs old) enjoy the confined water (pool) activities learning the foundational skills for OW
    • An air supply hose provides a maximin depth of 20’/6m.
      • Tethered to Z-Float and ZUBA Diver
      • Reduced risk of getting lost, going to deep or decompression illness
      • QC6’s allows quick attachment/detachment of 20’/6m hose therefore easy to switch over to SCUBA if desired
    • ZUBA divers wear a full Z-System in the Open water
      • Z-Harness - Provides hose/tether attachment point
      • Z-Trim device - provides buoyancy and floatation
      • Z-Manifold - distributes air to regulators and power inflator
      • Donatable Primary and Backup Regulators are worn 
    • Built in safety consistent with a scuba system
      • Buoyancy/floatation device w/power inflation
      • Capable of sharing air with your team mate
      • Diver is capable of wearing an exposure & weighting system
    • ZUBA Equipment, skills and procedures are consistent, interchangeable and fully upgrade-able to Recreational, Technical and Overhead SCUBA Diving.
      • You could switch between ZUBA and SCUBA in 5 seconds. 
    • ZUBA does require training and certification for Open Water and Confined Water use.

Blog Posts

From Sophie, San Diego

Posted by Mary Copeland on September 25, 2012 at 1:01pm 0 Comments

I have been lucky to try the ZUBA last weekend at La Jolla Cove.

I am a longtime & regular diver, so I was very curious and excited to try the ZUBA. First, it's kinda fun to walk and swim with that orange bag and a diving flag !!

Then it's the time to go underwater. I did not have my dive computer with me so that was the strange part. However, it feels kinda cool to dive until 20 feets without carrying that big tanks and these tons of weight !

I think it's a fun…


Zuba at La Jolla Cove

Posted by Mary Copeland on September 16, 2012 at 2:00pm 4 Comments

Sunday September 16, 2012 we took two Zuba units to La Jolla Cove. The divers at the picnic loved it!! It was awesome to dive down and explore without the hassle of the weight on our backs. …


Sharing my experience teaching ZUBA Jr. Open Water Class today

Posted by Unified Team Diving on July 10, 2012 at 5:30pm 1 Comment


I wanted to share with you my thoughts and impressions from teaching the ZUBA Jr. Open Water program.

Here are some fun pictures before you read. http://www.zubadiving.com/photo/album/show?id=6514049%3AAlbum%3A1718&xg_source=activity

First of all, if you don't know what ZUBA is here is a link to the website... …


Loving ZUBA : )

Posted by Jessica Creameans on June 29, 2012 at 11:18pm 0 Comments

I tried ZUBA and had a blast! Im still new to scuba, but it felt the same i just didn't have the tank on my back and absolutely love it!! My mom isn't a certified scuba diver but loves to snorkel. We were supposed to get certified together, she doesn't like all the gear and carrying the tanks so she could never get the hang of it enough to get her open water cert, she would love this!!!! I told her how fun and easy it was. She won't have a problem at all with her buoyancy. I can finally go…


ZUBA Diving is the freedom of free diving with the safety of scuba diving. Surface supplied air allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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